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What makes The Williamsport Home the best choice for my loved one?

Our history of serving the Lycoming County community for over 140 years gives us a unique level of experience in Long Term Care.  Our cheerful and energetic activities staff and our local entertainment keep our residents engaged and smiling.   Our meals are both appetizing and nutritious, and our food preparers are always willing to accommodate any special requests.  Not only is our nursing staff well trained, but they also have compassion and empathy to make your loved one feel at home.  Our beautiful wooded campus, teaming with wildlife, is only minutes from the Susquehanna Health System.   

What type of care is available at The Williamsport Home for my loved one?

1. Memory care: a secure unit devoted to the care of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia with specialized programming to meet their specialized needs

2. Short-term rehabilitative care: including physical, speech, and occupational therapy.

3. Long-term restorative care: devoted to helping individuals stay independent and functioning to their highest ability.

4. Comfort care: provides residents and their families with support in a privatized setting.  Each suite is designed to offer a comfortable and peaceful environment.  Families are invited to make themselves at home in the equipped kitchen and comfortable living room, while their loved one receives the care and support at a time they need it most.

Visiting my loved one at a long-term care center is difficult.  How can I make it more enjoyable and fulfilling for the both of us?

Having a loved one away from their home in a long-term care facility could be a very difficult time, that is why here at The Williamsport Home we do our best to make every resident, as well as their family feel comfortable and at ease.   Visitors are welcome 24/7, which allows for families to come visit, no matter their schedule.  We have found that sharing photos with your loved one helps them stay engaged with their family.  Another activity that we recommend is playing card and board games.  We also encourage bringing in family pets for a visit, the only requirement is proof of a rabies shot.

How do I know if my loved one qualifies for Medicare Part A Benefits?

If you loved one has spent a 3 inpatient days at a hospital facility and their doctor decides that they need daily skilled care given by skilled nursing staff, they are able to qualify for Medicare Part A Benefits.  

What does Medicare cover?

Medicare coverage includes, but is not limited to:

1. Semi-private room

2. Meals

3. Skilled nursing care

4. Physical/occupational therapy (as needed to meet health goal)

5. Speech-language pathology services (as needed to meet health goal)

6. Medical social services

7. Medications and medical supplies/equipment used in the facility

8. Ambulance transportation (if other transportation endangers health)to the nearest supplier of needed services

9. Dietary counseling

What is Medicaid?

A joint federal and state program that helps low-income individuals or families pay for the costs associated with long-term medical and custodial care provided they qualify.   Here at The Williamsport Home we understand that the Medicaid process can be intimidating, that is why we will provide you with assistance every step of the way.

What does Medicaid cover?

Mandatory benefits:

1. Inpatient/outpatient hospital services

2. Nursing Facility Services

3. Home health services

4. Physician services

5. Laboratory and X-ray services

6. EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment Services)

Optional benefits:

1. Dentures

2. EyeglassesHospice

3. Services for Individuals Age 65+ in an Institution for Mental Disease

4. Private duty nursing services

5. Prosthetics

6. Other practitioner services

Can I bring food from home?

Yes, you can bring favorite food items, meals and we will provide a space for a private family meal/party—and you can always take your loved one out to their favorite restaurant! 

Does The Williamsport Home offer any post-operative care within the facility?

Yes, we have Ravine Ridge, our brand new, state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility.  This type of rehabilitation allows for the resident to receive care 7 days a week, aiding in a timely and successful recover.  Every piece of equipment is set up with Right Track, a tracking system that allows each resident’s progress to be easily monitored.   We have 18 newly furnished, private rooms complete with a private bathroom, including shower.  

How do I become an Assistance in Living Resident of The Williamsport Home?

1. Schedule a tour. This will give us the opportunity to do an assessment to see if you will physically qualify for assistance in living. Also, it will give you the opportunity to select either an apartment or a suite.

2. Complete and return the application with all of the required information. This gives us the information we need for making a decision for acceptance.

3.Once your application has been approved, the Assistance in Living Coordinator will arrange a meeting with you and your family to complete the required admission paperwork. Your deposit will be required at this time. The following information is also required: copy of all insurance cards, list of all medications, copy of Power of Attorney Documentation, copy of Advance Directive Documentation. You will need to provide the name of your current pharmancy; we will re-order from any pharmacy providing you have a payment plan set up with them and they will deliver to our facility. We will decide on a move in date at this time. We prefer new Residents to move in at the beginning of the work week. You are welcome to move your belongings in prior to your arrival. We have a cart available to move the large items. It is best to move between the hours of 9:00am and 11:00am, then again between the hours of 1:00pm and 4:00pm. These hours will not interfere with our mealtime and elevator use.

What should I do before my move in day?

1. Order your new phone service to be installed at least one week prior to your move in date. Be sure to provide the phone company with your new address.

2. Forward your newspaper to your new address.

3. Complete an address change form with your post office at least one week prior to your move in date.

4. No need to call the cable company for a connection; however, you may need to call them to cancel your existing service at your home. You will receive a reduced rate for your cable from us on your monthly bill

5. If you are moving into the Apartment Assistance in Living your new address is:  (your name), 1900 Ravine Road, Building "C", Apt ___, Williamsport, PA 17701

6. If you are moving into the Woodland Vista your new address is: (your name), 1900 Ravine Road, Woodland Vista, Suite # ___, Williamsport, PA 17701

7. Safety Precautions: no throw rugs (they are trip hazards) or electrical appliances with wiring problems and no overloading extension cords.

What is Comfort Care?

Many people are familiar with the term Hospice Care, which is what we call end of life care. Comfort Care is that and more. We provide a home environment couped with a highly trained staff to support you and your family physically, emotionally and spiritually. We provide indvidualized care to meet the needs of each person, and to recognize the desires of each family dealing with illness.

How is Comfort Care paid for?

Most medical insurance has a Hospice Benefit which would apply to Comfort Care. We accept Medicare, private pay and most HMO's. Please contact us with any payment questions you may have.

My loved one is not currently a resident of The Williamsport Home, can they still receive Comfort Care?

Yes, we accept admissions specifically for end of life care. Please contact our admissions office.


The Williamsport Home
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